Cognos 11 (S)hitlist*

After working a few days with Cognos 11 (R3), I already had my share of disappointments.

  • Views can’t be changed
    • In C10 views emerged as a best practice for me – the user always can access the same view, the developer can change the source in the background. Not anymore in C11, the source can not be changed anymore (at least I am unable to find it)
  • Import your own files and use them in a report
    • Might be working, but very very barely. I tried adding my own Excel content for usage in a report. Importing works fine, creating a data module works fine, creating a report upon this module works fine, but then the fun begins. As soon as a data module is added to a report you can not look inside your queries. What, you say? No changig of aggregation type, no filter usage? Seriously? Yap! What you CAN do is (e.g.) add a list and add the data items. I honestly hope this is a bug.
  • Hide the sidebars
    • … and loose the C11 optic and functionality.
  • UI crashing from time to time as in not responding anymore. Or throwing errors. Yeah, I know, it’s a beta. Still sucks.
  • No, you can’t overwrite your report. No, you can’t save here, but we show the option anyway. No, if you click “save as” the next time, your previously used folder is not saved. Yes, after getting an error message you have to start over with the save as process,. *!$”%§&§/(*
  • Go to query? No you don’t! Function seems to be removed, you have to do some legwork. – my bad, found it. It’s behind those lovely red dots.
  • Working on two reports in two tabs? Please don’t. If you run the report in one of them you (might) get an error and the other tab just disappears and your progress is gone. Sort of like the old Excel, where you only can open one file at a time. Retro is good, aye?
  • Validate your Data Item? You shouldn’t! An error will popup and you will have to reload the page and loose your last progress. Hooray.

*I have to admit I’m working on a solution relying heavily on JavaScript and JQuery. So no-fun modus for me and kind of specific requirements. The good things will follow next week (until then I should probably have found something new and awesome)

Just to clarify: This is just my developers point of view, the end-user experience should be completely different.


2 thoughts on “Cognos 11 (S)hitlist*

  1. I’ve been working with C11 for a few months now, and my initial distaste for it has grown to pure loathing. Everything seems to be stacked against professional developers.

    The worst changes in my eyes are:
    1. Losing the menus. EVERYTHING takes at least two clicks now.
    2. Stupid extended data items are turned on permanently. And worst of all, the link in the debug menu to revert the V5 data items is GONE.
    3. Can’t rerun a report from report studio. View tabular and want to run again with prompts? Run again from Report Studio. Want to export it? Rerun again from RS.

    It’s like 1 step forward and 5 back.


  2. Integrating Sample Icons to be used in dashboard, no folder creation possible? Have uploaded 300+ icons; so loading Icons slide out takes a while 😉 and search in icons, no. Have to scroll. Coloring icons to your needs, nope. Good aproach but still a long way to go.


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